Transforming Spaces to Immersive Experience

Imagine a portal that transports you to a new place by evoking your 3 senses: sight, sound and scent. Unlike conventional art bounded by a frame, art is now more fluid and immersive, making you feel like a part of the exhibit. Art can turn a blank space into something living and surreal.

Art is Therapy

In today's techno-craze world, we are often bombarded by a barrage of sound and images all around us and our attention are often divided into doing multiple tasks at a time. Immersive art therapy is an idea conceived by OtherHalf to transport their audience to a space, where one can truly enjoy and appreciate art single-mindedly without the distraction of the outside world. It is a multi-sensorial art experience like no other.

Art has NO Boundaries

A free reign of creativity, transcending mediums, cultures, and languages. A collision of unexpected elements creating unexpected results.

Art for Everyone

Creating art that is relatable and lighthearted for everyone of all ages to enjoy. Art that unites instead of divide, bringing people together for pure art enjoyment.

Breathing New Life to the Old

Conventional museum visits can be monotonous and we want to help make education and learning more interesting with the introduction of immersive digital art. The idea is to take audiences on an exciting visual journey that triggers their curiosity and makes learning more fun. With today's modern world, old traditions are fast being forgotten and left behind. OtherHalf aims to revive cultures by adding a modern twist in the art exhibits we create, making it more relatable to the newer generation.

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