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The Story

We always believe in embarking on meaningful projects & giving back to our community whenever possible, and we got the opportunity to do good with design just before the year ends! 

Our idea came to life thanks to DBCS Singapore, for selecting us as one of the winning projects to receive support & mentorship under the Design for Good Initiative 2020. It was indeed a blessing for us to put our experience to good use and made it come true.

How did the inspiration came about? 
During the circuit breaker in Singapore back in March, there was an article on underprivileged kids living in crammed rented HDB flats in Singapore. What they were mainly missing at home was a space and proper table to study from home, hence it sparked a eureka! moment in us to create a surface the kids can read & write, yet portable, easily-stored & eco-friendly. This led to the birth of the Convertible Desk Box. Fold here, fold there, in 3 steps and your desk is up and ready! Not only for kids; adults can also use it as their portable laptop / work desk.

This is truly a simple yet practical solution to solve a real-world problem and we believe it will encourage the kids as they build the desks themselves and be proud of it!

Convertible Desk Box_Step By Step-01.png

About the Box

Convertible Desk Box_Step By Step-02.png
Convertible Desk Box_Step By Step-03.png

Voila! Your desk is up and ready!

You can write on your desk and store your school work inside.

It is 100% recyclable, light-weight and needs no glue to put together.

Collaborate With Us

As this is an ongoing passionate project, we welcome any company or anyone who is big on trying to make a difference to the world however big or small, come collaborate with us !


Excited to hear from you! Hit us up at

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