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As the name suggest, this is a partnership between 2 uniquely different artists. They fill in the gaps for one another and as a unit, they are elevating their creative works beyond their individual capabilities. Good things do come in pairs!


The two main loves in Arty Guava's life; art and guava. Professionally, she works as a designer in Singapore with international branding and advertising agencies. Her strengths are in her ability to translate, and interpret reality in a flawless dreamlike rendition of her own. Her main tool is watercolour and in the world of art, she takes particular interest in flowers, portraits and scenery. 


Sumay C is a brand consultant by day and photographer by night. She also contributes for travel and fashion magazines. She has dabbled in the art of photography since a very young age and has always been drawn to the play between light and shadow; a signature style seen in most of her creations. Audiences can expect to be taken on a ride of extremity as her works are often mysteriously dreamy and surreal.

OtherHalf is known for their immersive art experience. In today's techno-craze world, we are often bombarded by a barrage of sound and images all around us and our attentions are often divided into doing multiple task at a time. Immersive art therapy is an idea conceived by Otherhalf to transport their audience to a space, where one can truly enjoy and appreciate art single-mindedly without the distraction of the outside world. It is a multi-sensorial art experience like no other. 


Oh! OtherHalf.

Dynamic duo, harnessing their creative energy
to make the world a more beautiful place. 

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