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Client : George Town Festival

What we did : Multi-sensorial art installation

OH! Terpelanjat is a multi-sensory art experience like no other. 

Venue : Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang 

Date : 10 Aug-3 Sep 2017 

The life-sized kaleidoscope transports you to the wonderful world of Peranakan. Be immersed in the many colourful facets of Peranakan culture, from mosaics motifs, intricate embroidery and iconic culinary wares reflected all around you. Like “Alice in Wonderland” you will experience something familiar, nostalgic, strange, and wonderful all at the same time.  OH! Terpelanjat promises to be dreamlike, surreal and fun.

#ohterpelanjat #otherhalfstudio #gtf2017 #georgetownfestival

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