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Client : Sound & Canvas | Original Music and Art Space

What we did : Immersive Audio-Visual Exhibit

The exhibit holds an obscure mirror to one's past, present and future.

Venue : Sound & Canvas Studio

Original Music and Art Space, Brunei

Date : 13 Nov 2018 - 28 Feb 2019

A play with light and shadow is a central feature in It Was All A Dream. This forms what you may see, hear and experience in the installation. The exhibit holds an obscure mirror to one’s past, present and future—depicting the lightness and gravity of our daily routines, challenges and experiences. 


It Was All A Dream follows last year’s OH! Secret Garden audio-visual exhibit by the same creators. The artists share interest in abstract art and other contemporary concepts in their collaboration.  

From 13 NOV 2018 - 28 FEB 2019 in Brunei!


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