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Client : Steg Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Artwork : Creative direction and art installations

Using simple cultural patterns made from repurposed plywood and plexiglas, it is a family-friendly and inclusive installation for everyone to enjoy.

Venue : Penang International Airport, Malaysia

Date : Dec 2021 - June 2022

“OH!Clouds” installation at the lobby area
OH!Clouds depicts the travel memories borne by wanderlust across different places and cultures through light refraction and shadow art. An expansive line of suspended panels, each carefully carved and designed with intricate shapes and colors, aligned to give a unique reflection for each person and their viewing angle. It is an installation that seeks to transcend our intention to give travelers a warm welcome. “A smile is the universal welcome.” as quoted by Max Eastman, we would like to welcome you to embrace and explore the beauty in all people and places, and leave you with a constant reminder to never stop exploring.

As OtherHalf’s pledge to be more material conscious, some of the smaller panels are made out of upcycled Plexiglas, giving discarded waste a second life.


“OH!Portal” at the pool deck

“See yourself in wonderland.” Akin to a time machine, like being in two places at one time.


“The Journey” room prints in the hotel rooms
Every step out into the world is a new journey with a boundless map open to exploration. With every print, OtherHalf’s “The Journey” wishes to inspire and be the fuel to your wanderlust.

These art works are tastefully designed to suit the overarching theme Wanderlust. 

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