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OH! Time Capsule

18 Jan - 24 Feb, Asian Civilisations Museum,


The Time Capsule

Suspended in time and space in this immersive art installation that brings back to life Singapore's past.

OH! Corak - Corak In The Dark

17 - 25 Aug, Peranakan Museum,


The Glow-In-The-Dark Trail

Discover a surreal Glow-In-The-Dark Peranakan mural art filled with glowing peranakan patterns;like walking into an Avatar Garden with a nyonya twist to it. 

OH! It Was All A Dream

13 Nov '18 - 28 Feb 2019,

Sound & Canvas Studio, Brunei

The Fabric Room

Walk on a fluff of cloud. dance

in the pouring rainbow rain. Immerse

and be at peace for art is therapy.

OH! Treasure Chest

19 - 28 Jan, Asian Civilisation Museum,


The Kaleidoscope 1.4

Enter OH! Treasure Chest and be charmed
by colourful finds from the collections
of the Asian Civilisations Museum.

OH! Corak - Corak

Mar - Aug, Peranakan Museum,


The Kaleidoscope 1.5

Like a wormhole, audiences will be taken on a ride into the fascinating world of Peranakan culture, a visual presentation that speaks to the hearts of people across different generations.

OH! Secret Garden

4 Nov - 31 Dec, Sound & Canvas Studio,

Brunei Seri Begawan.

The Mirror Room

An audio - visual exhibit, taking you on an immersive floral journey; all things dark and beautiful.

OH! Magical Christmas

 25 Nov - 21 Dec, Setia City Mall, 

Shah Alam

The Kaleidoscope 1.3

A multi-sensorial immersive installation,

bringing family and friends together through an immersive kid-friendly art experience this Christmas.

OH! Terpelanjat

10Aug - 3 Sept, Dewan Sri Pinang,

Penang, Malaysia.

The Kaleidoscope 1.1

A multi-sensorial immersive installation, transporting audiences to the whimsical wonderful world of Peranakan.

OH! Rainforest

7 - 16 July, Old Courthouse,

Kuching, Malaysia.

The Kaleidoscope 1.0

A multisensorial immersive installation, a portal to the wonder evergreen rainforest of Borneo.